Review: Original K’s Hemp Oil Sleep Drink

Review:  Original K’s Hemp Oil Sleep Drink

I recently had the opportunity to try Original K’s Hemp Oil Sleep Drink with Melatonin. Per the directions, each bottle contains two servings.  As this was the first time I was ingesting the drink I decided to drink 1/3 of the drink. The first reaction, of course, was the taste, which was very agreeable and different from other CBD products I had tried.  No bad aftertaste.  In approximately 20 minutes or so I felt myself drifting off and although I do not know when I fell into a deep sleep I know that I slept throughout the night.  When I woke I felt a bit sluggish and drowsy but well rested and after a while I was ready to start my day.  Due to the length of time it took to be fully awake I figured that I should tweak the suggested dosage; ultimately I found that 10ml was the best dose for my personal use and to take it immediately prior to bed.  My new dose allows me to sleep peacefully throughout the night and wake in the morning with no drowsiness.

My review of Original K’s Hemp Oil is that it is an all-round great product!! Not only does it taste great and have a natural sleep aid, your also giving your body a nice dose of Hemp oil. Today, my family uses this product and many other of the Original K’s product line. I would recommend this to everyone because who wouldn’t embrace a natural and healthy way to aid in the quality of our time in the sack!  I submit this product is a must have for those nights when you just can’t quite enter the realm of the sand man.

It is my opinion that K’s Sleep Drink provides quality results. A powerful collection of Hemp Oil and Herbal ingredients help you fall asleep and stay asleep. It contains 30mg of 99% pure Hemp Oil with a delicious Mango and Pineapple flavor and is THC Free. Additional ingredients are Organic Electrolytic Minerals and Organic Essential Oils like Melatonin, Chamomile, Valerian Root, and Passion Flower Extract.  Each of us should find the best dose for personal use so do not hesitate to experiment and I would start on the low end.  You can always add more to the dose if necessary.