ADHD: Go With the FLOW

ADHD: Go With the FLOW

Written by:  Michelle B.  9/4/2018

Hello!!! SOOO….I’m a mother of a 9 year old child that has ADHD and his name is Ian; a very active child from the start.  You could tell from a very early age that Ian was very smart and relentless when trying to master those things he found piqued his curiosity.  However, it soon became apparent that Ian’s active nature was on the hyper side at times and that he often struggled with instructions and the ability to concentrate, which progressed as he got older. At times I thought of my son as a revving motor lacking an off switch.

My inclination was that Ian would grow out of it.  At the time Ian was so young and children are hyper and very different from each other so I would keep watch before overreacting when there was no issue and would simply correct itself over time. When Ian turned 7 years old I took him to see a physiologist, who later diagnosed him with ADHD. After her diagnosis Ian was prescribed Focalin ( Due to Ian’s declining grades and difficulty completing daily tasks we decided to try the Focalin.  Although Ian did improve over time with focus and slowing down there was a tradeoff; with the good came the bad.

Ian started having bigger melt downs, became more dramatic, and more aggressive. We brought this to the doctor’s attention and she wanted to add in the drug Tenex to see if that would help his aggressiveness, so we agreed.  ( While on Tanex there was a day Ian got so upset he made a comment about harming himself. The next day I called his doctor and discontinued all the prescribed medications; Ian was eight and a half.  That was when we began looking for alternative to pharmaceuticals in dealing with ADHD.

I have regrets about allowing Ian to take the pharmaceuticals as I found there are better ways of dealing with the disorder.  I was now on a journey to help Ian without drugs.  Once Ian was weaned off all medications we began to start over, seeking solutions that would not harm our son. Along the way we tried different things like giving him Diet Mountain Dew, caffeine, certain foods, multiple different daily vitamins. We also added constant reminders for him, a lot of pep talks, and just communication in general. We requested a Section 504 plan at school, which is an anti-discrimination, civil rights statute that requires the needs of students with disabilities to be met as adequately as the needs of the non-disabled are met. (  Ian also sees the school counselor every Thursday, just to give that little extra attention/time. The counselor was assigned to help Ian with time management, organization, hygiene, following direction etc. We (family, school) all became a team together for Ian. But, I digress.

During our research on ADHD we came across articles on the effectiveness of CBD in dealing with ADHD without the bad.  The decision was made and when it came to choosing a product to give to our son we decided to try Flow Tincture full spectrum CBD.  I admit that due to my experiences I was a bit skeptical but with no side effects it was worth a go.  Ian has been on Flow for approximately a month now taking two droppers full, twice a day; we decided on the relax, balance, sleep tincture.  Ian didn’t care for the taste at first but soon he decided it wasn’t bad tasting just different.

Within 3 days we did start seeing a change in Ian. He was more calm and relaxed and he took a better approach with day to day things.  I was amazed as it was like he wanted to get his work done and to get it done without being told.  Additionally, Ian was also recognized at school for doing such a great job, staying more focused.  No longer was Ian making up missing work at home but keeping up with nightly homework.  Now Ian had more time to do what he really loves, creating future cars and spaceships with Legos and we love being able to spend more play time together instead struggling with schoolwork.  Today Ian remembers to take his “medicine” daily, and he is very happy! I know I myself, my family, his school have seen a significant change but I suggest that Ian has noticed a change as well! HOW AMAZING is that.

Lastly, Ian wanted me to add that he would love to try a LEMON only flavor :). We are forever grateful that Flow’s product came into our lives and that we were proactive in looking for and finding a different and more effective way of dealing with ADHD, without the side effects of synthetic pharmaceuticals.

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