The Peace Pipe

Every smoker should own a proper peace pipe. What exactly is a peace pipe? I’m glad you asked. A peace pipe is that special piece you only use when you are in the company of one or more someone’s you consider a good friend.

For this smoke out you only use your finest medical grade medicine, and make sure that the setting is right. What’s right? All I can say is you’ll know it when you see it. I suggest a nighttime setting; a small fire is a huge plus. If you really want to make it an epic night just add music. If you can try to find a friend who can play the acoustic guitar and covers songs that make people feel good.

Let me tell you about my peace pipe. I bought it in Peru while on a spirit quest through the Amazon rainforest. The natives of the jungle hand make everything and hope to sell their wares to tourists like me who are crazy enough to travel into the most remote places on this earth in search of something.

The pipe is hand carved out of a beautiful natural redwood of the rainforest. The bowl of it is carved to look like a menacing python, coiled and poised to strike. The tail of the snake wraps down the shaft of the pipe and coils under the shaft. The shaft itself is carved with traditional symbols and markings of the artist’s culture.

This beautiful pipe is about twelve inches long and full of personality. I find it to be a conversation starter with everyone who gets the privilege of smoking out of it. On the shaft of the pipe I carve a small notch into the wood for each new person that I sit down and smoke with. On the bottom the artist carved his name “M. Dahua”.

Only my favorite people smoke out of my peace pipe, people who I think are worthy. I like people who prefer peace and quiet over loud and obnoxious. I respect those who work hard and believe in doing good things in life. And most of all I value friends who respect others and take pride in being a good person. Remember there are plenty of bad eggs out there; and everyone’s true colors eventually shine through.

Maybe someday you can smoke out with George. I love hanging with good people with big hearts. And I would love to smoke out of your peace pipe too. Peace is the key word, being a peaceful person is a choice. If you ask me a great choice, which you get to make every day. Choose peace, do your best, try hard to be a good person with a kind heart and a beautiful soul because we need more of that. Life is short so smile, be happy, and get yourself a peace pipe.

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